PyGithub Quickstart Examples

PyGithub is the most popular GitHub API SDK for Python. Their documentation is very light on examples. They seem to think this is fine. Prime candidate for the new Stack Overflow Documentation site!

In the meantime, I thought I would share my example code. These took me an hour of playing with the REPL to figure out.

Working with Pull Requests

The main challenge here was realizing that I needed to scope everything to my private org, not my user.

git = PyGithub('GITHUB_TOKEN')
org = git.get_organization('OrgName')
repo = org.get_repo('repo-name')
pr = repo.get_pull(1)
print 'PR author: %s' % pr.user.login
comments = pr.get_issue_comments()
for comment in comments:
  print 'Comment: ', comment.created_at, comment.user.login, comment.body
pr.create_issue_comment('Comment from GITHUB_TOKEN user') # aka git.get_user()

Getting the Contents of a File

From the default branch, not a particular pull request.

git = PyGithub('GITHUB_TOKEN')
org = git.get_organization('OrgName')
repo = org.get_repo('repo-name')
file_contents = repo.get_file_contents('path/to/file')

Listing the Members of a GitHub Team

There is no method to get a team by name, so you need to get them all and then pick out the one you want.

git = PyGithub('GITHUB_TOKEN')
org = git.get_organization('OrgName')
teams = org.get_teams()
team = [t for t in teams if == 'TeamName'][0]  # assumes a match
print [m.login for m in team.get_members()]

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