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Writing Your Self Review

The best feedback is tied to one or more specific examples, and also highlights the impact of what happened on the team or company.

What I Learned at My Last Job

On the surface, what you learn at a particular job takes the form of bullet points on your resume. But there are also deeper, more private lessons.

Interviewing as a Manager

Interviewing as an engineering manager is quite different from interviewing as an individual contributor.

Product Management 101

This is intended as a guide for new front-line product managers on my team. It could also double as an introduction for people brand new to the discipline. M...

How to Give 360 Peer Feedback

Managers have a lot of practice giving people feedback. Most other engineers are only asked to give formal peer feedback once or twice a year. These are know...

Don’t Split the Team Until You Have To

If you have a team that is unable to work effectively, there could be any number of causes. If you’re thinking about splitting the team into two or more team...