ColdFusion whitespace

Quick hit today. Somehow I went six years working with ColdFusion without knowing that functions implicitly output anything inside them, including whitespace! For example, say you have the following function in english.cfc:

    <CFFUNCTION name="getHint">  
        <CFRETURN "Available only in Professional Edition.">

And you call it from a template like so:

    <cfobject component="english" name="localise">
    <input type="Button" title="#localise.getHint()#">

The actual out will be:

    <input type="Button" title="
        Available only in Professional Edition.">

See, it's rendering the whitespace from inside the function, ie the linebreak after <CFFUNCTION> and the tab before <CFRETURN>. It only gets worse as the function gets longer. What you need to do is pass the attribute output="false" to the CFFUNCTION definition.

    <CFFUNCTION name="getHint" output="false">  
        <CFRETURN "Available only in Professional Edition.">

Now, I just need to find out how to make that the default...